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Announcement of exchange ratio dividend 2018 ICT Group NV

ICT Group N.V. announces that the number of dividend rights of shares of € 0.10 nominal that gives entitlement to one new share of ICT of € 0.10 nominal per June 3, 2019 has been set at 32.555

The exchange ratio is based on the volume-weighted average stock price of the ICT share during the last five trading days of the option period of € 12.373.

Based on the exchange ratio, after delivery of ordinary shares due to exchange of dividend rights, the total number of outstanding ordinary shares will increase by 101,132 shares to 9,565,010.

Payment of the dividend and the delivery of shares pursuant to the exchange of dividend rights will take effect from 5 June 2019 via the bank or broker where shares are administered.

When offering and requesting admission to trading on the stock exchange of Euronext Amsterdam NV of the shares issued for the stock dividend, use will be made of the exemption from the prospectus requirement on the basis of article 5: 3 paragraph 2 sub d and 5: 4 sub e of the Financial Supervision Act.  A resolution of the General Meeting to distribute this dividend also includes the resolution to issue a number of ordinary shares to distribute the dividend in shares and also includes the resolution to exclude the pre-emptive right in respect of these shares.

ICT Group N.V.

Barendrecht, 3 June 2019


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Sub-group Equities
Issuer ICT Group
Category Dividend
ISIN NL0000359537
Symbol ICT
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date June 4 2019