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AkzoNobel substitutes issuer of bond issued in July 2012

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Akzo Nobel N.V. (AKZA; AKZOY) announces the substitution of Akzo Nobel Sweden Finance AB (publ) by Akzo Nobel N.V. as the issuer.

This refers to the €750 million bond, issued in July 2012, with a maturity of ten years, at a coupon of 2.625 percent (Guaranteed Euro Medium Term Notes due 27 July 2022; ISIN XS0809847667).

No further changes result from the substitution; all rights of the noteholders under the Notes remain unchanged.

Pursuant to § 11 of the terms and conditions of the Notes, Akzo Nobel Sweden Finance AB (publ) is substituted by Akzo Nobel N.V. as issuer of the Notes, and Akzo Nobel N.V. is substituted by Akzo Nobel Sweden Finance AB (publ) as guarantor of the Notes, in each case as of December 20, 2018.

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Sub-group Equities
Issuer Akzo Nobel
Category Information
ISIN XS0809847667
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date December 20 2018