E MAC NL 2004-II

Interest rates Floating Rate Notes 2004 due 2037

E MAC NL 2004-II B.V.
Floating Rate Notes
2004 due 2037
Class A XS0207208165
Class B XS0207209569
Class C XS0207210906
Class D XS0207211037

In accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Notes, notice is hereby given that for the interest period from 25 April 2019 to 25 July 2019 the interest rates have been fixed at:

Class A 2,96900%
Class B 5,59900%
Class C 8,77900%
Class D 9,93900%

Interest payable on 25 July 2019 will amount to:

Class A EUR 607,78 per EUR 80.983,27 Note,
Class B EUR 2.419,70 per EUR 170.966,95 Note,
Class C EUR 3.778,42 per EUR 170.265,31 Note,
Class D EUR 4.040,03 per EUR 160.806,12 Note
over 91 days.

Amsterdam, 23 April 2019

Message details

Sub-group Bonds
Issuer E MAC NL 2004-II
Category Coupon / interest
ISIN XS0207208165
Securities name Floating Rate Notes
Publication date May 1 2019