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Dividend Reinvestment Plan - RELX N.V.

This announcement is for information purposes only. Holders of shares in the share capital of RELX N.V. (the “RELX Shares”) (“Shareholders”) can participate in the dividend reinvestment plan ("DRIP") via their own bank or broker. ABN AMRO CB Corporate Broking ("ABN AMRO CB CB") only facilitates, with the approval of issuing entities (in this case RELX N.V.), banks that are admitted institutions to Euroclear, to allow their clients which are Shareholders in RELX N.V. to participate in DRIP. ABN AMRO CB CB, in its capacity as facilitator of the dividend reinvestment plan regarding RELX N.V., does not provide any investment services to shareholders in RELX N.V. or any other party or person and is not liable towards Shareholders in RELX N.V. or any other party or person in respect of their enrolment in DRIP. If a shareholder has a question in respect of DRIP, he/she should consult its own advisor or bank.

With reference to the dividend announcement of 27 July 2017 of RELX N.V. (“RELX”) regarding the interim dividend for the financial year 2017, ABN AMRO CB Bank N.V. Corporate Broking (“ABN AMRO CB”), hereby announces that it will facilitate a dividend reinvestment plan for the ordinary shares RELX (the” RELX Shares”) held through Euroclear Nederland (the “Plan”). The Plan will enable holders of RELX Shares (“Shareholders”) to reinvest their dividend of EUR 0.1122 net per RELX Share. The Company has given approval and support of the Plan. 

The Plan will only be available to those shareholders who (i) hold their entitlements through a member of  Euronext in Amsterdam (each a “Member” and together, the “Member”), (ii) expect to receive dividends for RELX Shares and (iii) are holders of RELX Shares as at the close of business on 4 August 2017 (“Record Date”).

Access to the Plan will be provided to the Shareholders through the bank or broker of the Shareholder at the request of the Shareholder. Shareholders must instruct their bank or broker before close of trading on Euronext Amsterdam on 18 August 2017 (3.00 pm CET) to deliver their dividend rights for reinvestment to ABN AMRO CB. Based on the dividend rights received on 18 August 2017, ABN AMRO CB will make purchases of existing RELX Shares via Euronext Amsterdam, BATS, Chi-X Europe and/or Turquoise (the ”Exchanges”). These purchases will be made in several tranches depending on the liquidity of RELX Shares on the Exchanges and the prices available at the time.

In order to allocate the purchased RELX Shares to Shareholders, an exchange ratio will be fixed for the RELX Shares. Determination of the exchange ratio will be based on the daily volume weighted average price (less auction/less off exchange trades) on the Exchanges of the RELX Shares during the period of 21 August 2017 up to and including 23 August 2017 divided by the net dividend amount per share less fees and expenses.

To cover the fees and expenses of ABN AMRO CB and the Members in connection with the Plan, ABN AMRO CB will deduct from the dividend payments it receives an amount equal to approximately 0.375% of the net dividend amount reinvested in RELX Shares pursuant to the Plan.

The exchange ratio thus determined for the RELX Shares will be communicated to the Members on 23 August 2017. Delivery of the purchased RELX Shares, with settlement of fractions in cash, if required, will take place from 25 August 2017. Delivery will take place to the Members which will subsequently credit the shareholders' account. There will be no trading on Euronext Amsterdam in dividend rights.

ISIN codes for dividend rights for the Shares
ISIN code: NL0012440697

The calendar is as follows:
3 August 2017: Ex-dividend quotation
4 August 2017, after close of business: Record Date
7 August 2017 – 18 August 2017 (3.00 pm CET): Period for instructions concerning dividend reinvestment / delivery dividend rights NECIABNANL2AAGS056L10 (EGSP 28001, NDC 056)            
21 August 2017 – 23 August 2017: Determination of Exchange Ratio
23 August 2017: Announcement of the Exchange Ratio
As of 25 August 2017: Delivery RELX Shares as a result of dividend reinvestment

Important information for shareholders
The bank or broker of the shareholders of RELX offers shareholders access to the Plan. If a shareholder wishes to make use of the Plan, its bank or broker will approach ABN AMRO CB at the shareholder's request. ABN AMRO CB does not have a direct relation with the shareholders and only provides its services to the shareholder's bank or broker. Shareholders must contact their bank or broker if they require any advice or more information about the Plan.

Any decision by shareholders to access the Plan is entirely at their discretion and shareholders may choose to opt to receive a cash dividend and to re-invest such cash without requesting their bank or broker access to the Plan or not to re-invest the cash dividend at all. Shareholders should take appropriate professional advice before making any investment decision.

Banks or brokers may or may not operate a default mechanism that automatically elects to reinvest the cash dividend in shares, unless such holder chooses differently. Shareholders are therefore advised to contact their bank or broker to assess if such a default system is in place or not and to discuss what action they should take. Furthermore holders of RELX Shares should note that their net dividend of EUR 0.1122 and not the gross dividend of EUR 0.132 per RELX Share will be reinvested. The tax consequences of participation in the Plan may vary dependent upon the tax residence of the shareholder and class of shares held. If you are in any doubt as to the potential tax consequences of accessing the Plan, you should consult a tax advisor or other professional adviser.

By requesting its bank or broker to apply the Plan, each shareholder shall be deemed to undertake, represent and warrant on the following terms:

  1. the decision to make use of the Plan is its exclusive responsibility and any acquisition of RELX Shares under the Plan is at its own risk and account;
  2. it understands that ABN AMRO CB does not have any responsibility for assessing the appropriateness or suitability of its use of the Plan or for any investment in the RELX Shares and that its own bank or broker is responsible for performing such suitability or appropriateness test in connection with the Plan and for providing the shareholder investment advice and additional information about the Plan at its request;
  3. it acknowledges that it is not a client of ABN AMRO CB but of its own bank or broker and that ABN AMRO CB shall have no obligation to provide it with any of the protections ABN AMRO CB affords to its own clients or to provide it with any advice in relation to the Plan or any other matter referred to herein and that its own bank or broker and not ABN AMRO CB must comply towards it with the conduct supervision rules pursuant to the Dutch Financial Supervision Act (Wet op het financieel toezicht);
  4. it understands that neither ABN AMRO CB nor any of its affiliates nor any of their respective directors, officers or employees has provided or will be deemed to have provided any financial, legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or investment advice in relation to the Plan, the RELX Shares or otherwise;
  5. the determination of the exchange ratios will be based on volume weighted average prices for the acquisition of the RELX Shares which prices may be higher than the prevailing market price at the time a shareholder elects to participate in the Plan and, accordingly, such shareholder may receive fewer RELX Shares than if such shareholder had at the time of election itself reinvested the cash dividends received to acquire RELX Shares;
  6. it is exclusively responsible, and ABN AMRO CB shall not be liable or responsible, for paying any taxes in connection with its participation in the Plan;
  7. ABN AMRO CB does not accept any responsibility or liability in relation to the Plan or the RELX Shares, including in connection with a fluctuation in the price of the RELX Shares or for any loss or damage incurred in connection therewith;
  8. it is not prevented from participating in the Plan by any applicable laws, rules or regulations and is participating in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  9. ABN AMRO CB may suspend or terminate the Plan at any time, which will not affect the validity of completed transactions; and
  10. it understands that the costs under the Plan are approximately 0.375% and that the exchange ratio will be based on the daily volume weighted average price (less auction/less off exchange trades) on the Exchanges of the RELX Shares during the period from 21 August 2017 up to and including 23 August 2017.

In your jurisdiction, making use of the Plan may be restricted by law and you should inform yourself about and observe any such restrictions. Any failure to comply with such restrictions may constitute a violation of the securities’ laws or regulations of any such jurisdiction. ABN AMRO CB does not assume any responsibility or liability for any such violation by any shareholder or any other person. 

Commission for the Members
No commission will be paid for this DRIP. 

Amsterdam, 27 July 2017


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