Notice regarding the redomiciliation of Rorento - secondary markets

Currently Rorento N.V. is domiciled at Curacao, but the company will be redomiciled from Curaçao to Luxembourg. The move from Curaçao to Luxembourg shall take place via a so-called ‘change of corporate seat or domicile’. Rorento continues as a legal entity, although it will be subject to Luxembourg law after the transfer. The legal form of Rorento will be converted from an N.V. to a SICAV. As a result of this change of corporate seat or domicile, the name and the ISIN of the current shares of Rorento N.V. will change.

For the implementation of the redomiciliation a trade stop of one week will be implemented. Full details are given in the overviews below.

Change of Name and  ISIN:
Current name: Rorento N.V.
New name: Rorento Class DH EUR
Current ISIN: ANN757371433
New ISIN: LU0934195610

Trade stop secondary markets:
3 June 2013: Last trading day Rorento N.V. (ANN757371433)
4 – 10 June: Halt on trading
7 June 2013: Move of the portfolio of Rorento from Curaçao to Luxembourg
11 June 2013: First trading day Rorento DH EUR (LU0934195610)

Message details

Sub-group Funds
Issuer Rorento
Category Information
ISIN ANN757371433
Securities name Equity fund
Publication date May 27 2013


May 27 2013 Notice regarding the redomiciliation of Rorento