Notice of Interest Rate Reset

Aegon N.V.
NLG 300,000,000
Perpetual Cumulative Subordinated Bonds 1996
(the "Bonds")
ISIN: NL0000121416

In accordance with the conditions of the Bonds, notice is hereby given that the annual rate of interest for each of the next ten interest periods has been reset at 1.425% per annum.

Interest on the Bonds will accrue at the new rate of 1.425% per annum from and including October 14, 2018 and be payable annually in arrear, for the first time on October 14, 2019.

The Hague, October 8, 2018 

Message details

Sub-group Bonds
Issuer Aegon
Category Coupon / interest
ISIN NL0000121416
Securities name Perpetual Cumulative Subordinated Bonds
Publication date October 9 2018