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Convocation of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders

The shareholders of Accell Group N.V. are invited to attend the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders to be held on Friday 26 October 2018, starting at 10:30 hours. The meeting will be held at the offices of The Experience Center named De Fietser at Akulaan 2 in Ede, The Netherlands.


  1. Opening and announcements
  2. Composition Board of Directors
  3. Any other business
  4. Closure of the meeting

The agenda with explanatory notes is available for inspection via and on request at the offices of the company (Industrieweg 4, 8444 AR in Heerenveen).

The EGMS documents can be obtained free of charge as well via ABN AMRO Bank N.V., Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1082 PP Amsterdam (“ABN AMRO”), telephone: +3120 344 2000, e-mail: and via the company (telephone: +31513 638 703, e-mail:

Registration date
The Board of Directors has determined that the persons who will be considered as entitled to attend the meeting, are those persons who on 28 September 2018 (the “Registration Date”) – after close of trading on this date – are registered in one of the (sub)registers designated by the Board of Directors and who have notified their attendance according to the procedure set out hereafter. For holders of registered book-entry shares the designated (sub)registers are the administrations held by the intermediaries as defined under the Dutch Securities Giro Transactions Act (Wet giraal effectenverkeer) (the “Intermediaries”), from which administrations it should appear that the relevant shareholders are entitled to the relevant shares on the Registration Date.

Holders of registered book-entry shares or their proxy-holders are entitled to attend the meeting provided they have registered themselves at ABN AMRO via the Intermediaries where their shares are administered or via ultimately on 19 October 2018, no later than 17:30 hours. The Intermediaries must, before 12:00 hours on 22 October 2018, present a statement to ABN AMRO via identifying the number of shares held by the shareholder on the Registration Date and presented for registration. With the registration Intermediaries are requested to include the full address details of the relevant shareholders in order to be able to verify the shareholding on the Registration Date in an efficient manner. The shareholders will receive from ABN AMRO, via the relevant Intermediaries, a registration proof that will serve as access to the general meeting of shareholders.

Heerenveen, 14 September 2018
Board of Directors Accell Group N.V

Message details

Sub-group Equities
Issuer Accell Group
Category Meeting
ISIN NL0009767532
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date September 14 2018


Agenda Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders Accell Group 26 October 2018.pdf
Annex 1 to Agenda EGMS Accell Group 26 October 2018.pdf
Annex 2 to Agenda EGMS Accell Group 26 October 2018.pdf