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Announcement of exchange ratio

This announcement is for information purposes only. Shareholders in RELX N.V. can participate in the dividend reinvestment plan ("DRIP") via their own bank or broker. ABN AMRO Corporate Broking ("ABN AMRO CB") only facilitates, with the approval of issuing entities (in this case RELX N.V.), banks that are admitted institutions to Euroclear, to allow their clients which are shareholders in RELX N.V. to participate in DRIP. ABN AMRO CB, in its capacity as facilitator of the dividend reinvestment plan regarding RELX N.V., does not provide any investment services to shareholders in RELX N.V. or any other party or person and is not liable towards shareholders in RELX N.V. or any other party or person in respect of their enrolment in DRIP. If a shareholder has a question in respect of DRIP, he/she should consult its own advisor or bank.

Further to the announcement dated 18 April 2018 concerning the payment of the dividend of RELX N.V. (“RELX”) for the financial year 2017, ABN AMRO Bank N.V. (“ABN AMRO”) hereby announces that the number of dividend rights (the “exchange ratio’) is fixed at 67.88 dividend rights for one (1) RELX ordinary share (or at the option of the Members 6788 dividend rights for 100 ordinary shares).

Based on the daily volume weighted average price of RELX ordinary shares during 17 May 2018 up to and including 18 May 2018 (less auction and less of exchange trades), being EUR 18.1643 1/67.88 part represents a value of EUR 0.2676, which is 0.3744% less than the cash dividend of EUR 0.2686. This exchange ratio corresponds to a reinvestment price of EUR 18.2326 per RELX ordinary share.

For the fraction price, the opening price of 21 May 2018 should be taken as reference.

The delivery of shares bought as a result of reinvestment will be made as of 22 May 2018.

Amsterdam, 18 May 2018 


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Sub-group Equities
Issuer RELX Group
Category Dividend
ISIN NL0006144495
Symbol REN
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date May 21 2018