NN Group

Final Dividend Financial Year 2017

Technical Information Memorandum

NN Group N.V.
06 June 2018

relating to certain technical and administrative guidelines in connection to the NN GROUP N.V.


The executive Board of NN Group N.V. announces that in the Annual General Meeting held on 31 May 2018, the proposed dividend has been approved by the shareholders. The proposed final dividend amounts to EUR 1.04 per ordinary share.

The final dividend will be payable, at the shareholder's election, either wholly in ordinary shares or wholly in cash. The election period will run from 06 June 2018 up to and including 18 June 2018.

To neutralise the dilutive effect of the stock dividend, NN Group will repurchase ordinary shares for an amount equivalent to the stock dividend.

Shareholders have the opportunity to make their choice known until close of trading on Euronext Amsterdam on 18 June 2018. The ratio of the value of the stock dividend to that of the cash dividend will be determined on 18 June 2018, after the close of trading on Euronext Amsterdam based on the volumeweighted average price ('VWAP') of NN Group ordinary shares traded on Euronext Amsterdam for the five trading days period from 12 June 2018 through 18 June 2018. There will be no trading in the stock dividend rights.

If Admitted Institutions have not made their choice known at the latest on 18 June 2018 at 17:30 CEST, the final dividend will be paid out in cash. Delivery of shares to the Admitted Institutions will occur based on the total amount of dividend rights delivered, whereby a possible remaining fraction will be paid out in cash based on the VWAP as mentioned above.

Gross amount: EUR 1,04
Net Amount : EUR 0.884

Security Codes:
NN Group NV shares: NL0010773842
NN Group NV dividend rights: NL0012846216

Event, Expected Date and Time CET
NN GROUP NV Ex-Dividend Date: 04 June 9:00
NN GROUP NV Record Date: 05 June 18:00
Start of the Election Period: 04 June 09:00
End of the Election Period: 18 June 17:30
Announcement stock ratio: 18 June, After close of trading
Payment Date of the NN Group Shares and Cash dividend: 25 June

Security Codes:
NN Group NV shares: NL0010773842
NN Group NV dividend rights: NL0012846216

Election Procedure
Important change- On March 19, 2018 ESES has launched CSE6 on elective events. Admitted Institutions should submit their election on behalf of their clients via MT565 to Euroclear Netherlands.

Important note: If Admitted institutions experience issues and are not able to send their election via MT565 to ESES, they must notify and submit their election on behalf of their clients via email: iss.pas@ing.nl to ING Bank N.V. no later than 17:30 hours (CEST) on the last day of the Election period.

In this case Admitted Institutions should transfer the number of dividend rights exercised by or on behalf of their clients, to the account of ING Bank N.V. at Euroclear Netherlands; NECIINGBNL2SSMK106LM710.

Useful names and telephone numbers

ING Bank N.V.

ING Wholesale Banking, Issuer Services

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Sub-group Equities
Issuer NN Group
Category Dividend
ISIN NL0010773842
Symbol NN
Securities name Ordinary shares
Publication date June 6 2018